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Ideology is personal
February 22, 2017 – 10:48 pm | No Comment
Ideology is personal | Test

Politics is local — ideology is personal.

Not telling the whole story
February 22, 2017 – 10:47 pm | No Comment
Not telling the whole story | Test

Why do Rep. Jeff Duncan and other politicians like him purposely mislead us?

‘Morally treasonable’
February 22, 2017 – 12:25 am | No Comment
‘Morally treasonable’ | Test

On Feb. 18, Doug LeCroy defended freedom of speech. Sort of, and at least for those people who agree with him.

Reminding senators their first priority is to represent the people
February 22, 2017 – 12:23 am | No Comment
Reminding senators their first priority is to represent the people | Test

Oconee County can be very proud of Ms. Tara Burnette, an educator, a wife and a mother, for taking seriously her civic duty to engage in conversation with our elected officials

February 20, 2017 – 10:12 pm | No Comment
Hypocrites | Test

Yale University of Connecticut decided to change names of its campus buildings dedicated to former vice president John C. Calhoun, a slave owner and South Carolinian.

Where’s the proof?
February 20, 2017 – 10:10 pm | No Comment
Where’s the proof? | Test

Sen. Graham is quoted in today’s Journal saying in his mind the Russians interfered in the 2016 election.

Wishful thinking
February 18, 2017 – 12:24 am | No Comment
Wishful thinking | Test

I’ve lived in Oconee County, and in particular Seneca, all my life, and many times in the last few years I’ve driven down Main Street in Seneca and thought “how long has it been?”

February 18, 2017 – 12:24 am | No Comment
Really? | Test

What lots of us saw at President Trump’s first news conference was both bizarre and profoundly disturbing.

Two ‘minor senses’
February 17, 2017 – 12:22 am | No Comment
Two ‘minor senses’ | Test

I enjoy reading Ms. Elaine Cameron’s periodic column in the Lifestyle section of The Journal, and this letter refers to the one titled, “Our Five Senses.”

Winners and losers
February 17, 2017 – 12:22 am | No Comment
Winners and losers | Test

On one hand, this administration says that the immigration ban is to protect and keep America safe, but on the other hand, their stated goals are to ravage and remove the very regulations and rules that protect and keep the daily lives of all Americans safe and healthy.