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Comment by kkiker
2012-03-29 11:15:33


I was wondering about the picture on the front page of today’s journal that shows a young man performing a maneuver on his skateboard. Is there any restrictions on the use of skateboards in the city of Clemson? Also he was “grinding” his board on a park bench and I was just wondering if this is city property and if the cityconsiders this defacing public property?

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Comment by geezerpk
2013-03-28 08:03:33

The cartoon on Today’s (Thursdays, March 28) was spot-on. It seems to me that the fools in Columbia have it in mind to secede once again. That way SC could become a small, third world-type nation and apply for foreign aid from the U.S. Foreign aid, unlike the help the states get from the federal government, never needs to be repaid, unlike the funds offered by the government to help out with our schools and expand Medicaid.

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