Another example of administration’s corruption

Editor: Wednesday, the president tweeted that it was a “great honor” to pardon Michael Flynn, a man who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and then lied to the vice president about lying about his communication with the Russian ambassador.

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Sure sounds like a dicey situation to me

Willie: The recycling center at Port Bass in Fair Play has returned to its placement of the collection wheelbarrows at the opposite side of the parking lot from the parking, forcing residents to dodge traffic coming in as they carry their glass and paper to the proper place.

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Message delivered

Willie: In a letter to the editor, a writer was giving kudos to Donald Trump for his efforts about the coronavirus.

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Green fees

Editor: On Oct. 27, Donald Trump tweeted “All the fake news media wants to talk about is COVID, COVID, COVID. On November 4th you won’t be hearing so much about it anymore. We are rounding the turn!!!!”

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Final road projects bid out

Two significant road reconstruction projects have been bid out, resulting in Oconee County roads set to receive improvements to the tune of roughly $8.24 million...

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