By Riley Morningstar

The Journal

SENECA — South Carolina’s Third Congressional District has been represented by a Republican since 1994, but Democratic candidate Mary Geren said she believes she is the one to break that cycle.


“I am the best candidate because I will represent all my constituents, not just wealthy donors,” Geren said. “In fact, I have taken zero corporate donations and will work to get the dark money out of politics, to actually drain the swamp. I will also help working families achieve the American Dream, because I have firsthand understanding of their struggle. Finally, I will stand up to both parties and seek bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems.”

An educator, Geren grew up in rural Northeast Georgia and was the first in her immediate family to graduate from high school. She went on to Clemson University, where she graduated with undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Geren taught English for 15 years — six at Clemson and nine at Tri-County Technical College — until stepping down in May to fully focus on her campaign for Congress.

“I am running for Congress so my children and grandchildren, as well as yours, will have a brighter future — so all kids, regardless of their zip code or skin color, will have equal access to the American Dream,” she said.

Geren said she believes health care is an important issue throughout the Third Congressional District and the nation.

“We currently have congressional leaders who seek to strip away our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid so they can pay for unnecessary tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires,” she said. “They also want to eliminate health coverage for preexisting conditions. That is plain wrong. I will stand up against such cruel policies and seek to expand affordable health care. In the wealthiest nation on the planet, that’s the least we can do.”

Although she points to affordable health care as a top priority, Geren also lists several other issues that she would immediately address if she is elected to office next week.

“I will fight for affordable health care for all Americans, quality public education and affordable higher education, to protect our jobs from an unnecessary trade war, to preserve our environment — especially our beautiful S.C. coast — and to keep our children safe from gun violence,” she said. “I will put blind partisanship aside and seek common-sense solutions to the problems that plague our nation.”

Geren and her husband of 20 years, Shawn, have two children. She’s also a member of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on the board of Foothills Alliance, which is an advocacy group for victims of sexual assault. |
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