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Brew & ‘Que to feature 14 SC craft breweries -

Brew & ‘Que to feature 14 SC craft breweries

By Caitlin Herrington

The Journal

SENECA — More than a dozen breweries from across the state are picking their favorites to make the trip to Seneca for the Labor Day weekend Brew & ‘Que Festival, and no two beers will be the same.

Liability Brewing, based in Greenville, just celebrated its first anniversary and is bringing some of the crowd favorites to Gignilliat Field on Sept. 1.

Thinking lighter brews will be better suited to what is sure to be warm day full of delicious barbecue and lots of cold beer, marketing manager Ashley Golobish said their Street Lager II Turbo is sure to be a hit.

It’s gluten-reduced, she said, thanks to a special processing, and comes in under 90 calories for one serving. It has a lower alcohol content and a higher drinkability, she said, making it a sure hit at Brew and ‘Que.

Liability is also bringing Carl von Cloudwitz, “just your average hazy IPA,” she said, and its Athleisure hefe.

“Carl is very approachable for a hazy,” Golobish said, “so he’s a good starting point. Athleisure has a Belgian character with banana and a little bit of cloves, but it’s a little bit sweeter and nuttier with soft vanilla and nutmeg. If you’re a fan of Blue Moon, this would probably be a good beer for you.”

Liability has done collaborations with other local breweries — some of which will also be at the festival — and Golobish said the craft beer community is incredibly supportive in the Upstate.

“In the first year it’s been about establishing a connection to the community,” she said. “We’re very much into camaraderie. We understand we’re stronger together. It’s been a lot of amazing support from our local community.”

She and husband-turned-head brewer C.J. Golobish will be in Seneca pouring beers and chatting with visitors about their other beers and where to find their brews locally. They began distributing around nine months ago, she said, so a drive to Greenville isn’t necessary to try their beers on a regular basis.

From across the state, Low Tide Brewing is headed to the foothills with three of its best-sellers, including a new brew just finished last week.

Sweet Caroline Kolsch, Aloha Beaches and Tie One Off IPA XXXVI will be on tap during the festival, according to captain of sales Quinn Taubenheim.

The kolsch is a German beer with “a lot of characters of lager,” and one of the flagship beers for the 3-year-old company. For a more tropical taste, Aloha Beaches offers a pineapple finish sure to complement the pork smoking in the background of Brew and ‘Que.

“Aloha Beaches is a pineapple wheat ale,” Taubenheim said. “It’s very tropical and has a huge pineapple aroma. It’s a crowd pleaser on a hot day.”

The IPA is a one-off of its predecessor — Tie One Off IPA XXV — and has a West Coast feel, he said.

“This is the 26th version that we’ve done of Tie One Off,” he said. “It features cashmere, cascade and simcoe hops. It’s a bright malt built with some citrus and pine characteristics from the hop profile. We just brewed it last week, and it’s doing really well.”

Taubenheim, like Golobish at Liability, said local craft beer fans who come to try the new brews are part of what make their jobs so fun, and they look forward to meeting many more in Seneca.

“We’ve got a very fanatical, loyal regular base on St. Johns Island,” Taubenheim said, “But we’re very excited to attend Brew and ‘Que and expand that a little bit. We’d love to recognize a few faces from up here down in the Lowcountry.”

Tickets to the festival can be bought at | (864) 973-6686

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