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    Breaking News: Easter egg event Saturday cancelled

    Election season

    It’s that time of year again!

    We are approaching the November general election in just a matter of a few weeks.

     While most of the local races are really decided, we will be deciding between incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Jaime Harrison for a South Carolina Senate seat, with the winner set to serve alongside Sen. Tim Scott.

    Republican Jeff Duncan faces Democrat Hosea Cleveland for the U.S. House South Carolina District 3 seat.

    Thomas Alexander and Bill Whitmire — both Republicans — will run unopposed in the S.C. Senate District 1 and S.C. House of Representatives District 1 races, respectively.

    Of course, no one needs to be reminded of the race for president, in which incumbent Donald Trump faces a stiff challenge from Democrat Joe Biden.

    With that in mind, it is time we remind you all that we have certain rules and timelines that will become increasingly important as we approach the election.

    While we welcome your letters to the editor and comments to ol’ Willie, we remind you that all letters and comments must be submitted two weeks prior to the election.

    We will not accept any letters or comments dealing with the election after Oct. 20, although you may continue to see them run over the next week if they meet the deadline coming in.

    Letters and comments not dealing with the election will remain open as usual.

    Also, please remember our forum is not social media.

    You are welcomed to state your opinion on any matter, but it must be clear that it is your opinion. Opinions cannot masquerade as fact.

    Letters that claim facts that are incorrect or need sourcing will be sent back for clarifying.

    Letters or comments that use divisive or incendiary language may not be run at all.

    That’s all — pretty simple rules to live by.

    We want to be your voice and your outlet to express your thoughts and opinions to the world around you. We just ask that you be factual and civil.

    We’ll post a small reminder beneath the letters to the editor section each day as a reminder.