Sunday, September 5 • 6-10 pm

Are you the best Grill Master in the area?
Sign-up here to prove it!
$1500 in prize money will be awarded!

Prove Your Grill Skills

  • $1000 CASH PRIZE for 1st place, PLUS $500 for second place will be awarded based on popular vote.
  • This grill-off is open to Professionals, Social Teams or Individuals.
  • Contest is open to anything you can cook on a grill or smoker!
  • Brew & Que attendees will vote for their favorite Grill Master by placing a token in the Vote Box we provide for your area.
  • Attendees will only be given one token each for voting.
  • Winner will be announced and prizes awarded during the event at approximately 9:00 pm.
  • Food must be prepared and cooked on-site. (This is a DHEC regulation.)
  • If you desire, you may arrive and set-up on Saturday night. Someone must stay at your site overnight. Otherwise you may come in anytime Sunday morning.
  • There is no entry fee but a valid Credit Card is required to be on hold and permission to charge a $200 penalty if you cancel your entry later than August 16.

Who Provides What…

 You Provide:

  • All the meat, enough for 800-1,000 people to have repeated small samples. We suggest 10-15 butts or equivalent of whatever meat you choose to cook.
  • You cook the food. You serve the samples. Sample size should be 1-2 ounces.
  • You will need to provide your own sample cups or plates.
  • We recommend a 2 oz. sample cup like this one from Sam’s Club
  • Sampling is unlimited from 6 -9 pm. If you still have meat you are encouraged to keep serving after judging.
  • Judging is by popular vote and ends at approx. 9 pm.
  •  You will need to provide your own serving tents. You may bring your trailers for prep and cooking, please let us know if you are bringing are large trailer.
  • You need to bring everything you need for cooking.
  • Everything you need to conform to DHEC regulations for preparing and serving food.
  • All cleaning supplies.
  • Any paper products you might need.
  • Any banners you’d like to promote your team or business.
  • Any business cards or flyers you’d like to offer participants in order to promote your team, business or social group.
  • Sure, you can sell. Either plates or sides. Water will be available for free to everyone. We  encourage you to sell, but you must have and provide proof of the appropriate insurance to cook and sell-off site. Just be sure you keep the samples flowing too. We want to take care of our attendees so they will return next year!
  • If selling food, you must keep a separate line for samples. Please be sure to clearly indicate which line is for samples and which is for buying. The attendees need to be able to get their samples as quickly as possible in order to fully enjoy the event!

We Provide:

  • Prize of $1000 cash to the winner and $500 cash to second place.
  • One table which is to be used for serving. A second table is available if requested in advance.
  • Water and electricity are available.
  • Insurance coverage for providing samples during the event.
  • Potential customers to promote your business or just impress with your grilling skills.
  • Four Brew & Que tickets for your team. Up to 4 more can be purchased at a discount.  Email  brew&[email protected] us for details.
  • Got kids? This is a family-friendly event. There is a designated ‘Beer Free’ play area and free pizza for kids. You will need to sign them in and out of the area for safety reasons. Kids do need tickets, so please be sure to tell us they are coming!
  • All updates will be emailed to you from [email protected] You may also contact us at that address.

Ready to Register? Just answer the following questions:

B&Q Competitors
Must provide proof of the proper license and and insurance.
Last minute withdrawal penalty *
Your card will NOT be charged unless you withdraw after August 16, 2021.