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A twitchy trigger finger

We’ve all seen the twitchy trigger finger scene in action movies. It’s the scene where the bad guy has people at gunpoint, and the director zooms in on the gun. The bad guy’s finger is shaky on the trigger, while those at gunpoint beg for mercy and attempt to talk their captor out of firing. 

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The ‘big picture’

I was having a conversation with a friend the other night about focusing on the “big picture” and how easy it can feel like the small steps we take each day, or the same daily routine, feel like we aren’t moving toward whatever our “big picture” is. Have you ever felt that?

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Plant a tree today

The invention of paper is attributed to Ts’ai Lun of China, who, in 105 A.D., discovered how to make paper from cloth fibers.

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Enough kudzu already

This stuff just grows and grows and grows and grows! It grows along the roadside, overtaking power poles, abandoned homes and dilapidated cars.

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