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Fractal Pilgrims

I had a good friend in seminary whose email address was fractalpilgrim@… “Fractal Pilgrim? What’s that?” I asked him one day.

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Wildlife program for youth

One of my favorite 4-H programs that I get to work with is called the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP). The WHEP program is a hands-on national environmental education program that provides youth the opportunity to test their wildlife knowledge in a friendly competition. 

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How to achieve goals you create

A new year comes with new goals and an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. It can be overwhelming to create and carry out goals. By being self-aware and setting specific and realistic goals, you can achieve any goal you set. 

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Read all about it!

The very earliest newspaper was carved in stone in ancient Rome and provided information and announcements from the government. The first newspaper published in the United States was in Boston in 1690.

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Happy New Year!

In 45 B.C., Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar and declared Jan. 1 as the first day of the year to honor Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings.

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