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School and community garden programs

Interested in starting a vegetable garden in your school or community, but not sure where to start? Clemson Extension offers two online programs to guide you — School Gardening for S.C. Educators and Cultivating Communities.

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What a mess!

As a boy, my mother would walk into my bedroom on a Saturday morning and say, “This room is a mess. You better clean it up, young man!”

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Staying on track during the holidays

The holidays bring time of fellowship with family and friends, large meals, desserts and stressful planning. As Christmas and New Year’s are approaching, it is easy to fall off our normal routine. 

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A twitchy trigger finger

We’ve all seen the twitchy trigger finger scene in action movies. It’s the scene where the bad guy has people at gunpoint, and the director zooms in on the gun. The bad guy’s finger is shaky on the trigger, while those at gunpoint beg for mercy and attempt to talk their captor out of firing. 

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