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Category: Life Columns

Myths, legends and superstars

Bishopville, S.C., is home to the Lizard Man, a giant boll weevil, the Button King and the topiary artistry of Pearl Fryar. Bishopville is also home to an artesian well with alleged healing powers.

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Rain gardens

Weather extremes of spring and summer can be a significant frustration for avid gardeners in South Carolina.

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The asparagus trait

I spit in the little test tube, sealed it up and sent my DNA off to be processed at one of those ancestry labs. I wanted to find out if all those family stories were true.

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Attracting wildlife to your backyard

Every once in a while, I get asked the question, “How do I attract wildlife to my yard?” To answer that question, you must first know that all living things require four things: food, shelter (cover), water and space.

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