Outdoors: The anti-fishing virus?

As if the last month hasn’t been bad enough with food shortages, school closings and no toilet paper to be had anywhere in the Upstate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order this week closing all public access to the state’s beaches and inland waterways.

Outdoors: Sustainable harvest

Up until a couple of weeks ago, one of the things an outdoorsman never wanted to do was figure up the cost of how much money was spent on hunting and/or fishing, then divide that dollar amount by the weight of meat or fish in the freezer.

Outdoors: How to fish herring lakes for bass

If you spend much time around professional bass-fishing tournaments, you’ll often hear an angler who is very good at catching largemouth or smallmouth bass in other parts of the country throw up his hands in disdain for bass-fishing lakes with blueback herring in them.

Outdoors: Preseason turkey scouting tips

Regardless of when you finally get in the woods to hunt turkey this year, it’s good to go in armed with knowledge of the habits of local birds so that maybe you can get one within shotgun range.

Outdoors: Run-and-gun rabbits

“Hunt in here” — the mantra of the dog handlers rings across the frosted hillside as the late February sun begins to peak over the east side of McCormick County.