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    Breaking News: Easter egg event Saturday cancelled

    Category: Editorials

    Thank you, Chief Covington

    Seneca Police Chief John Covington announced Thursday he is retiring from a 35-year law enforcement career— including about two years in Walhalla, another 19 with the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office and the past 14-plus in Seneca, with more than 12 of those as police chief.

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    Typical …

    In Tuesday’s edition of The Journal, we reported that the School District of Oconee County’s (SDOC) School Board had selected Dean Bare to fill the unexpired term of the recently departed Jerry Lee.

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    Train coming

    There is a train coming in South Carolina, and specifically in Oconee County … and in a broader sense, perhaps even the nation.

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    The verdict, please

    It’s no secret in Oconee County, the city of Westminster needs and has needed a new courtroom for the magistrate in the city for a long time.

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    Mask proof

    For months now, there has been a war raging between the crowd who think being forced to wear a mask in public is an invasion of their rights, and the side who believe that wearing a mask is the surest way to push back the COVID-19 virus that has hampered the entire nation since March.

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