Riding off into retirement

May 22, 2020

Editor: I started working at the age of 18 while still in high school. I first worked part-time then, and when I left school, I began full-time— somewhere in the neighborhood of 48 total years. I, as of May this year, have put in for retirement. To me, life didn’t begin until after leaving school. […]

Past time for school district accountability

May 21, 2020

Editor: I am for education, but it is past time for our Oconee County School Board and administrators to be accountable for the exorbitant expenses they continue to mount up from year to year expecting citizens of this county to them bail out. The same excuse of the fear of “cutting into their reserve funds” […]

Kudos to Rep. Duncan for bill to cut pork

Editor: Kudos to Rep. Jeff Duncan for his bill to rescind $27 billion of pork in the recently passed CARES Act. Several weeks ago, I received one of those emails that people send out to get your blood pressure up. I usually ignore them, but this one really seemed too bad to be true. So, […]

Adjusting to the new normal

May 20, 2020

Editor: Fact — the COVID-19 virus doesn’t read the sports and other sections of the newspaper or watch TV. It doesn’t have a brain — it’s just a thread of RNA. However, it is still making itself known to us in many ways, and will likely continue to do so for several months until a […]

Putting ‘united’ back into United States

Editor: I was initially pleased to see the headline of Doug LeCroy’s column in the May 16 edition of The Journal. I am extremely saddened to see our country so divided, so I thought perhaps LeCroy would have good words of wisdom and a positive message in his column headlined, “Stop the hate; it’s destroying […]

Tax-supported religion

Editor: Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to a group of New England Baptists reassuring them that the “Establishment Clause” in the Constitution provided a wall of separation between church and state. Apparently, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio does not agree with this constitutional safeguard, because under his direction, the city of New York is planning […]

The great purchase of votes

Editor: Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is at it again. The promise of huge stimulus grants of more money to be deposited into our bank accounts. She is fully aware that the $3 trillion she will spend to buy your vote will bankrupt our system. Billions to her pet departments — $25 […]

An open letter to Jaime Harrison

May 19, 2020

Editor: I am one of your supporters. I, too, want to see Lindsey Graham unemployed. Jaime, I want you to represent me in the U.S. Senate. But, to do that, you have to win the election in November. I know from your ads that you are a nice guy who keeps his promises and that […]