Memorial Day is a day we as Americans come together

May 23, 2020

Willie says: On this Memorial Day, we are thankful for the sacrifice so many throughout our history have made, for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and for their families who have carried on without them. Memorial Day is a day we as Americans come together to honor and remember our servicemen […]

Thanks for wanting to do your part not to spread it

May 22, 2020

Willie, It is crazy these days to go to the store without wearing a mask, but where are we supposed to get them? I have none. Willie says: Lots of folks are making masks at home. Ask your friends if they can help you. Call your doctor. They give them to any patient who needs […]

I guess you only like those who agree with you

May 21, 2020

Willie, One of your readers talked about contributing their stimulus check to charity. That’s an excellent idea, and I commend them. I wonder if any of our universities that have millions in their endowment funds are considering contributing any of the millions they’re set to receive from the package. I’m sure most of them would […]

It’s the workers who make the world a better place

May 20, 2020

Willie, You guys have given the Walhalla brain trust quite a ration of hell lately, which they deserved. But I’d like to thank the guys that run the trash pickup service. I’m not sure which of them did it recently, but I got my can out a little later than normal and missed my regular […]

Coronajerk? Go look in the mirror

May 19, 2020

Willie, More than 38,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. every year. That is outrageous. I have quit driving except for essential purposes and, when I must drive, I wear a football helmet. One death is too many. I propose all non-essential travel be immediately prohibited. As we ease back in to […]

I learned my lesson as a boy

May 18, 2020

Willie, Recently your column had a letter stating the Seneca and Walhalla seniors were being recognized by banners around town, but West-Oak didn’t have any recognition for their senior class. I have a West-Oak senior that lives in my neighborhood, and she has had a banner in her yard that reads, “Congratulations, Hannah! Class of […]

The people of our country need to all work together

May 15, 2020

Willie, A letter writer was complaining about Democrats saying evangelicals are the cause of coronavirus. If we believed Donald Trump when this first began, more would be dead. He claimed it was a hoax the Democrats were using against his re-election. Didn’t Jerry Falwell’s son tell his students to return to the university? Why? Could […]

Oconee County doesn’t have a hospital anymore

May 14, 2020

Willie, Why did FEMA not come to Seneca? I thought they were supposed to respond to natural disasters. Willie says: After the necessary applications for being declared a disaster zone, etc., President Donald Trump has approved a major disaster declaration for several South Carolina counties that were hit by tornadoes Easter weekend. This applies to […]