Meet a BabyRead family

BabyRead’s poster showing photos of babies and toddlers engaged in books at the 2018 K-4 screening caught Casey’s eye.

Outdoors: Making effective use of crankbaits

Regardless of whether you are fishing a major impoundment or a private farm pond, few could argue that crankbaits are one of the best bass-catching baits you could tie on your line, especially during warming weather when a bass’ metabolism is picking up and they are actively chasing forage fish.

Happy Valentine’s Day

With the warmer, balmy air blowing through campus the past couple of days, the children are taking their time wandering from their cottages to the Learning Resource Center, the banquet hall, playground and occasionally making a stop in our offices.  

Bright, shiny sparklers

I made a discovery earlier this week that I think would send most women my age into a mild panic.