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Category: Editorials

A violent streak

A deadly virus, a presidential election, lockdowns, an uneasy economy and racial unrest have all contributed to what could be framed as the most chaotic period of time in this young country’s existence.

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Another good time

In what has become an annual tradition in this space the day after Labor Day, we share our thoughts on the growing success that is the Brew & ‘Que festival.

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Last call

Today is your last chance to get the best possible price on tickets for our fourth annual Brew & ‘Que festival.

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And now we wait

There might not be a more eagerly awaited ruling from South Carolina’s highest court in the coming days.

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Mixed messaging

It’s impressive how Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine comes to life through our local governments, because of how downright confusing the messaging from them can get. Their words and actions don’t always match up, if you will, and it’s unclear at times if they recognize that.

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