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    Breaking News: Easter egg event Saturday cancelled

    Category: Editorials

    Not in my backyard

    In recent weeks, you’ve probably heard rumblings that Matt Durham — co-owner of Sure Shot Firearms in Seneca — and his father, Scott, may be starting a gun club of sorts on property they just purchased in the Salem area.

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    Getting it right

    If nobody was studying how Seneca’s government dealt with a tornado damage recovery project and the pandemic at the same time, we would have recommended that such a study be done.

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    Let’s get this done

    In Oconee County, four of the five grocery store chains are now requiring their customers to wear masks. Other retailers are doing the same. 

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    Feet in the sand

    Oconee County parents are being asked to make a decision about their children’s education in July that won’t take effect until August — and can’t be changed until at least October.

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    Modern transparency

    Walhalla City Council is developing a better system to hold its meetings online, a step toward greater transparency first recommended by Councilman Josh Roberts at the city’s committee meeting July 7.

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    Two weeks

    What does the School District of Oconee County expect to gain from an additional two weeks?

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    School or no school

    In mid-June, the School District of Oconee County sent out a survey to parents and teachers all over the county asking their preferences for returning to school this fall.

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