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Category: Letters to the Editor

A house divided cannot stand

Editor: On a chilly November day in 1863, in a field recently bathed in the blood of thousands of Soldiers, President Abraham Lincoln spoke briefly to honor those soldiers.

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Judgmental hatefulness

Editor: A recent letter critical of Kathleen Parker’s column concerning controversies within the Southern Baptist Convention was full of strawmen and misinformation.

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No plan from Washington

Editor: I recently heard a TV commentator remark, in jest, that perhaps a requirement for our elected officials in Washington, prior to their election, they manage a Dairy Queen for a month to demonstrate their administrative skills.

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Salem’s growth

In today’s installment of the State of Oconee — the second of an eight-part series — we take a look at the small mountain town of Salem.

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Jim Crow revisited?

Editor: The 15th amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1870, barred states from depriving citizens of the right to vote based on race.

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