Graham restoring critical supply chains and protecting intellectual property

Editor: I would like to commend Sen. Lindsey Graham on his leadership in developing legislation (S.4324, Restoring Critical Supply Chains and Intellectual Property Act) to “facilitate the availability, development, and production of domestic resources to meet national personal protective equipment and material needs, and ensure American leadership in advanced research and development and semiconductor manufacturing.”

Your vote counts

Editor: A letter writer recently wrote that “Graham in for a fight.” I sincerely hope so.

Column is telling

Editor: Using taxpayer dollars to purchase goods and services for the public’s interest ideally achieves the best result for the fewest dollars spent.

Graham in for a fight

Editor: It appears Sen. Lindsey Graham is in a little tougher battle than normal in this election coming up in November.

Pass the Kool-Aid

Editor: A recent letter to the editor accused President Donald Trump of being mentally ill or insane.