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Re: These days

Editor: I may be underestimating the intelligence of the average reader, but I fear there may be some who don’t realize that Jerry Cade’s letter was written “tongue in cheek” … or maybe it wasn’t?

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These days

Reading These Days by Jerry Cade, I anticipated a dramatic twist in the last paragraph. It wasn’t there.

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Don’t tread on me

California passed a law, AB5 in 2019 but don’t be misled by the time lapse and not hearing much about it; a similar law is making the rounds in the halls of the U.S. House and Senate under the name “the PRO Act.” It should never see the light of day. Independent truck drivers hear my warning.

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Three great men

Editor: Saturday’s front page of The Journal was a bittersweet read. The articles recognizing three men whose lives have made such a tremendous positive impact on the people of Oconee County were touching and timely. 

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