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More patriotic to defend country from dividers
April 20, 2019 – 12:27 am | Comments Off on More patriotic to defend country from dividers

Maybe I’m getting crotchety in age, but my cynicism with the American political process expands daily, as Los Angeles did in the 1950s.

US should reduce emissions to lead world by example
April 19, 2019 – 12:12 am | Comments Off on US should reduce emissions to lead world by example

Editor: U.S. Rep Jeff Duncan said at the April 13 Oconee County GOP convention (discussing the Paris Climate Accords) “we’re going to punish the United States and allow the three largest polluters to go unchecked and unfettered polluting the planet. That’s just wrong.”

Take time to thank a lineworker
April 16, 2019 – 12:41 am | Comments Off on Take time to thank a lineworker

Editor: The storms that hit our area Sunday did extensive damage across the Southeast region of the United States, resulting in death and destruction.

A full exoneration
April 12, 2019 – 12:45 am | Comments Off on A full exoneration
A full exoneration | Test

Editor: The latest incident of the Navy’s bias against chaplains from conservative churches involved Chaplain Wes Modder.

Forgetting history
April 12, 2019 – 12:43 am | Comments Off on Forgetting history
Forgetting history | Test

Editor: Advocacy for the elimination of the Electoral College stems partly from a failure to remember the history.

Advance debate, not division
April 10, 2019 – 12:14 am | Comments Off on Advance debate, not division
Advance debate, not division | Test

Editor: As someone who has been quick to criticize contributors to The Journal for employing inflammatory language, I must acknowledge and applaud when someone sets an example for helpful discourse.

Speaking without knowing the facts
April 9, 2019 – 12:09 am | Comments Off on Speaking without knowing the facts
Speaking without knowing the facts | Test

Editor: Is your opinion really your opinion? 

The Party of Evil 
April 6, 2019 – 12:07 am | Comments Off on The Party of Evil 
The Party of Evil  | Test

Editor: I have friends and family across the political spectrum, and we often politely disagree about certain politicians or policies (OK, sometimes not so politely).

People of a lesser God
April 4, 2019 – 12:47 am | Comments Off on People of a lesser God
People of a lesser God | Test

Editor: I was shocked to hear the Democrats boo God at their national convention.

April Fools 
April 3, 2019 – 12:26 am | Comments Off on April Fools 
April Fools  | Test

April is known for April Fools Day.

No support for John McCain
April 2, 2019 – 12:57 am | Comments Off on No support for John McCain
No support for John McCain | Test

Editor: I am responding to a letter written and published in the Saturday Journal.

Is your child at risk?
March 26, 2019 – 12:21 am | Comments Off on Is your child at risk?
Is your child at risk? | Test

Editor: Bullying. Is your child at risk?

Our most severe emergency
March 23, 2019 – 12:39 am | Comments Off on Our most severe emergency
Our most severe emergency | Test

Climate change is the most severe emergency we face. There is no getting around it

Where is the outrage?
March 23, 2019 – 12:38 am | Comments Off on Where is the outrage?
Where is the outrage? | Test

You know who you are, and you know what is right.