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    Breaking News: Easter egg event Saturday cancelled

    Category: Letters to the Editor

    End of the line?

    Editor: Without revealing my exact age, let me say I am of an era when an abscess was called a “boil,” hemorrhoids were known as “piles” and certain law enforcement agents were referred to as “revenuers.”

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    Are you?

    Editor: American democracy is often referred to as the “American Experiment.”

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    Following the same approach as others

    Editor: The following is in response to several letters that have recently appeared in The Journal relative to certain citizens calling for the resignation of our representative, Jeff Duncan.

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    Violation of a sacred oath

    Editor: Congressman Jeff Duncan provided the following quote after the thugs stormed the U.S. Capitol. Duncan said his stand “has always been about the Constitution and my oath to protect it — not a particular personality or person.”

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    Stay informed and speak the truth

    Editor: In a recent letter to the editor, the letter writer quoted, out of context, remarks made by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris implying that she was supportive of riots, violence and looting in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

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