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Category: Letters to the Editor

Encouraging civility in letters to the editor

Editor: As an enthusiastic follower of Journal letters generating controversy, and one who tries to mollify the often vitriolic language in such strings, I experienced both joy and sadness in some recent letters on Alexis Lanham Shepard’s remarks.

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Congressional cowardice

Editor: “Putting politics aside, wouldn’t they want to know the truth of what happened on Jan. 6? If not, they do not deserve to have the jobs they were elected to do.”

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SC needs a hate crime bill

Editor: The South Carolina Senate ended its 2021 session without passing its hate crime bill, named for Clementa Pinckney, a state senator killed during the 2015 racist massacre of a Bible study group in Charleston.

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A response

Editor: I was appalled to read a recent response to Alexis Lanham Shepard’s impressive and courageous remarks to the Oconee County School Board regarding its silence on diversity and inclusion.

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