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Category: Letters to the Editor

A dangerous and divisive ‘woke’ path?

Editor: I read with interest The Journal story on Saturday regarding the remarks of Seneca Middle School English language arts teacher Alexis Lanham Shepard, in which she told the Oconee County School Board of her deep disappointment and sadness that the school district had failed to publish even a generic statement about its commitment to inclusive, equitable, anti-bias education.

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‘Neither more nor less’

Editor: Upon recognizing that to sanction presents two, directly contrary meanings, I have grown in appreciation of Humpty Dumpty’s famous proclamation — that a word’s meaning is restricted to only that which he intends, “neither more nor less” — and how problematic this common mindset has become.

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Reasonable persons

Editor: The Trump campaign, with the help of lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell et al, filed a bevy of lawsuits purporting election fraud in the 2020 election.

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