Greg Oliver: Entering an unprecedented sports vacuum

When the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks took place, the sports world shut down. It was a day beyond compare, and certainly nothing that has taken place since should ever diminish what occurred that fateful day.

Celebrate small victories

This week my granddaughter’s volleyball team won their first game of the spring season. It was not a pretty win, but it was a win nevertheless and we cheered, jumped for joy and congratulated them.

The case of the adorable assault

I might need to call the sheriff instead of write about this but, you’re reading this, aren’t you, Mr. Crenshaw? Yes? Great. I need to report an assault.  It all started when I decided to splurge and buy myself a small bouquet of my favorite flowers from the grocery store a few weekends ago. The […]

‘Remember me’

Editor: Last year as my mom was in a local nursing center, I would often think about how some folks living there didn’t appear to have anyone to visit or show interest in their lives.