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Seriously disturbed
June 29, 2017 – 12:25 am | No Comment
Seriously disturbed | Test

Our legislators’ loss of compassion and political backbone is seriously disturbing.

What’s ailing health care
June 29, 2017 – 12:23 am | No Comment
What’s ailing health care | Test

The Senate health care bill, which was scuttled Tuesday until after July 4, was doomed by two narratives: Republicans are mean, and poor people would be dropping like flies.

Thanks for the love!
June 28, 2017 – 9:04 pm | No Comment
Thanks for the love! | Test×300.jpg

Holding court on the local basketball court
June 28, 2017 – 12:02 am | No Comment
Holding court on the local basketball court | Test

The debut of a new 3-on-3 basketball league this past weekend proved to be inspirational — so much so that I actually dug my official size-and-weight ball out of the closet and headed to the park to make some string music.

Let him be mad
June 27, 2017 – 9:24 pm | No Comment
Let him be mad | Test

Dear Dave, My dad wants me to buy a house on a 30-year loan for him and my mom in my name, and let them make the payments.

Inadvertently concealed messages
June 27, 2017 – 9:21 pm | No Comment
Inadvertently concealed messages | Test

An explanation. It is the recognized code of ceremony and etiquette followed by diplomats, heads of state and our military to refrain from the public disparagement of others in corresponding functions to achieve the efforts of their endeavors.

Thank you to Awalt
June 27, 2017 – 9:20 pm | No Comment
Thank you to Awalt | Test

Congratulations Chief Dean Awalt for your success as our chief of police for Westminster and your retirement.

City’s budget fix fails on virtually every front
June 27, 2017 – 9:19 pm | No Comment
City’s budget fix fails on virtually every front | Test

The decisions made by members of Westminster City Council on Monday night in order to balance their budget left us almost at a loss for words. Almost.

I’m glad you caught your giant possum
June 27, 2017 – 8:46 pm | No Comment
I’m glad you caught your giant possum | Test

Willie, It’s 5 a.m., and I’m waiting for a neighbor to pick up the first giant reclusive possum I trapped last night.

Cutting the cord
June 27, 2017 – 8:41 pm | No Comment
Cutting the cord | Test

We filed into the courtyard in pairs and trios, but they separated us immediately, guiding parents and students into separate registration lines — the initiation of the cutting of the cord.