I hope he rides off into the sunset with his head held high

May 30, 2020

Willie, Just wanted to tell you the world has seen a virus something like this in 1917 and 1918. They called it Spanish Flu, but later said that was named wrong. It killed more than 1 million people worldwide. They didn’t get a vaccine until 10 years later. Have a blessed day. Willie says: Yep. […]

Neighbors are helping neighbors

Today, The Journal begins taking a closer look at the local companies that have signed up for Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a program that merges community donations and matching grants from the newspaper to assist local businesses. Over the next few days, we’ll take a closer look at the growing number of local businesses that have […]

No brainer on vote for president

Editor: I read with interest about a prominent local Republican politician recently joining a group to defeat President Donald Trump. Also, I was shocked to see a handful of others supporting that position in recent letters to the editor. There is no question that Trump is an egotistic, narcissistic, thin-skinned demagogue who is not presidential. […]

Behold the pit

Editor: The Good Book warns in Psalm 7:15 about the man who “…made a pit and dug it out, and has fallen into the ditch which he made.” (NKJV) Presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of being a racist because he issued a travel ban on people coming into […]

Dare to think!

Have you ever stopped to “think” what it would be like if people actually stopped occasionally to “think?” If the people of the world would only stop what they are doing long enough to give some serious thought to what it is they are doing and have been doing with their lives, drastic changes would […]

I’m too old and grumpy to be challenged that way

May 29, 2020

Willie, I was thinking about something. Has there ever been a .25-caliber revolver pistol? I’ve heard of 38, 45, 22, 33, 44-mag, 357-mag, but never a .25-caliber. Willie says: I’m gonna tell you everything about a .25 ACP pistol that you never needed to know! The .25 is derided as an underpowered caliber that’s inadequate […]

We need a leader, not a divider

Editor: About the story, “Clary joins Republicans looking to defeat Trump” (May 23, page A2), this is one of the most sensible stories I’ve read lately. I agree with Clary 100 percent. Like him, I’m not against the Republican Party, just the one calling himself the POTUS. I never have nor will I ever vote […]

Is this the kind of country you want?

Editor: Still on the fence about which party to vote for in November? Consider this interesting story: “My grandparents lived practically their whole lives around people who relied on the government for everything. When Czech citizens wanted a new house, they talked to the government. When they wanted a new job or a promotion, they spoke […]