Do the Dems have a plan?

First off, I want to clarify and apologize for the grievous error I made in last Saturday’s column. I broke the cardinal rule of writers all.

A box of rocks

May 8, 2020

Oconee County’s rock quarry has been doing well, selling 900 tons of crushed rock in six hours, while in the past, the county couldn’t sell that much in four days. Times are good at the rock quarry, which is expected to make $1.58 million for the county government this year. That’s a lot of rocks. […]

Don’t worry about Fido giving you COVID-19

Willie, Thanks for enlightening me on the elements of the rat in the Chinese Zodiac. You must also remember rats carried fleas, which caused the bubonic plague. Achoo, achoo, all fall down. I say pull the plug on that rat immediately. Willie says: Your rodent-themed comment brings up a really serious current question many folks […]

Tornado and its aftermath

Editor: My wife woke me just after the weather alert and said we needed to go to the basement. It was a tornado warning. Just as we were leaving our second-floor bedroom, the closet door flew off its hinges and hit my wife, knocking her down. I helped her up, and as we made our […]

A Mother’s Day message

Editor: I’ve heard it said almost any woman can be a mother, but it takes a special woman to be a Mama. She’s the one who encourages her husband and family when they’re down and out. Shines a light of joy into a gloomy world. Makes you believe in yourself by believing in you when […]

May 7, 2020

Willie, Dollar General in downtown Walhalla? Multiple sources have given 101.7/WGOG News information to indicate that Dollar General is interested in placing a store in downtown Walhalla. Willie says: According to my sources, which are more reliable, this was nothing more than the radio station sniffing out a rumor started in Walhalla by a couple […]