Sexual assault awareness in the midst of COVID-19

April 15, 2020

Alan Wilson, attorney general of South Carolina   Each year, my office joins others across the state and nation to recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We often focus on important themes such as consent, respect and healthy relationships. And while education remains the priority during this awareness month, I would like to draw […]

Be a part of that hope

Editor: Ever felt out of heart, to the point of giving up? Yes, haven’t we all? No matter how bad we have it, though, in life, there’s always someone who has it at least a little bit worse — if not more. I have been furloughed for 30 days. I’m not complaining, though. I have […]

Try sound amplifiers instead of hearing aids

Editor: Recently, my son-in-law had an ear infection and lost the ability to hear. Rather than pay the $3,000 cost for hearing aids, my daughter went to a local pharmacy and purchased what she thought were hearing aids for $19.99 each. Thirty months ago, they were rechargeable, rapid recharge sound amplifiers. $19.99 each. Comparable to […]

Remember to be good friends and neighbors

April 14, 2020

Willie say: Dear readers, I just want to take a moment to thank all of the first responders, utility workers and everyone who leapt into action to do everything they could to help our little community after the storms blew through on Monday morning. Although there was plenty of devastation, I know the people of […]

The Pentagon is as stupid now as in 1918

Editor: My grandfather was a U.S. Marine in WWI France in 1918. After climbing out of his trench and running to attack a German machine gun, he was shot in his ankle, spending the night in a shell hole. Sent to an overcrowded hospital, he suffered from the effects his entire life. The Meuse-Argonne Offensive […]

Sights and sounds of the storm

They say it sounds like a train, but the hallway where I curled up early Monday morning is less than 10 blocks from the tracks.

The message of Easter resonates

Easter will happen this year — but without public egg hunts for the kids and packed churches for everyone — because its message is a timeless one of resurrection and rebirth.