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Armchair quarterbacking

When Norm Cannada told me last week Seneca Police Chief Casey Bowling had invited those of us in the newsroom to participate in a training simulation, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was game for it.

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Don’t tread on me

California passed a law, AB5 in 2019 but don’t be misled by the time lapse and not hearing much about it; a similar law is making the rounds in the halls of the U.S. House and Senate under the name “the PRO Act.” It should never see the light of day. Independent truck drivers hear my warning.

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Preemptive strike

After likely taking stock of the national and local hullabaloo over book banning in schools and libraries, the School District of Oconee County made a wise move to clean up its own policy on the matter.

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Three great men

Editor: Saturday’s front page of The Journal was a bittersweet read. The articles recognizing three men whose lives have made such a tremendous positive impact on the people of Oconee County were touching and timely. 

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Rebuttal to OCC on Sewer South

Editor: The Oconee County Conservatives (OCC) want $67-plus million for Sewer South, admitting in an op-ed “there is NO (letter’s emphasis) study to cost justify such a large infrastructure endeavor. I simply ask that you use common sense and operating experience.”

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