Judging a millennial by his cover

Editor: I was pleasantly surprised this past Tuesday at the civility and professionalism of the residents at the Clemson BAR meeting.

Who will cast the first stone?

The word hypocrite isn’t usually used to describe an organization or group of people, but when it comes to today’s Democratic Party, I can find no better word.

Giving credit where credit is due

Editor: During the impeachment hearings, the Democratic congressmen and congresswomen made many and various references to our Founding Fathers and early patriots.

Graham’s transformation

Editor: Remember in 1998 when then-Congressman Lindsey Graham was one of the House impeachment prosecutors in the Senate trial of Bill Clinton?

Learning is everywhere

Learning is everywhere — the kitchen, the bedroom, in the grocery store, while you’re doing the laundry, are in the bathroom and living room, in the car and on the bus and outside in the world!