You are smart to be watching your surroundings carefully

Willie, I read your editorial about what Westminster needs in a new administrator. You described Jeff Lord. He was the administrator Mayor Ramey bragged about running off because he was too expensive. Lord brought in more than $3 in grants for every dollar the city paid him. The transformers for the city upgrades were purchased […]

Dogs, cats still need people to open their hearts, homes

Willie, We are a nation of procrastinators. We delayed helping Britain in World War II. We delayed notifying our commanders at Pearl Harbor. We dragged our feet getting out of Vietnam. We delayed airport security upgrades before 9/11. We did modeling of pandemics several times in the past few years, but didn’t raise our guard. […]

I believe your heart is in the right place

Willie says: To my reader who offered to help the elderly with getting groceries or medicine and asked me to publish their phone number, I want to say I believe your heart is in the right place.

I’m not forgetting anything

Willie: Regarding the letter about Trump running for a third term, you’re forgetting or either ignoring the fact that this president does not believe in our Constitution.

It’s just a matter of when

Willie: I wish you’d please, if you could, give us an update on whether or not SCDOT is ever going to come back and resurface the section of Wells Highway that they should have started on to begin with.

That’s not surprising

Willie: On Fox News recently: The youth of America are finally recognizing the leaders of the Democrat (liberal) Party are attempting to change their party and incorporate socialistic policies.