I hope he rides off into the sunset with his head held high

May 30, 2020

Willie, Just wanted to tell you the world has seen a virus something like this in 1917 and 1918. They called it Spanish Flu, but later said that was named wrong. It killed more than 1 million people worldwide. They didn’t get a vaccine until 10 years later. Have a blessed day. Willie says: Yep. […]

I’m too old and grumpy to be challenged that way

May 29, 2020

Willie, I was thinking about something. Has there ever been a .25-caliber revolver pistol? I’ve heard of 38, 45, 22, 33, 44-mag, 357-mag, but never a .25-caliber. Willie says: I’m gonna tell you everything about a .25 ACP pistol that you never needed to know! The .25 is derided as an underpowered caliber that’s inadequate […]

We aren’t just Seneca strong, we are Oconee Strong!

May 28, 2020

Willie, It’s great the way Oconee County has come together during this crisis and is still Seneca Strong, but it should be Oconee Strong. Oconee has really come together and rallied around to help the disaster victims. We thank you so much for listening and for everything that you do. Willie says: I couldn’t be […]

I hope the person has to pay the price

May 27, 2020

Willie, My wife and I would like to know where we can send money for the tornado victims that would truly help somebody. We don’t want to just give it to anybody and not know if it gets to them or not. I wish you’d let me know. Willie says: I salute you and your […]

Safety over privacy

May 26, 2020

Willie, A while ago a man was missing and found safely in Florida. The problem was the police released the man’s name, where he lives and a list of his medical problems. The HIPPA violation for releasing information such as this is up to $50,000 per incident. This is the same law that prohibits the […]

Memorial Day is a day we as Americans come together

May 23, 2020

Willie says: On this Memorial Day, we are thankful for the sacrifice so many throughout our history have made, for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and for their families who have carried on without them. Memorial Day is a day we as Americans come together to honor and remember our servicemen […]

Thanks for wanting to do your part not to spread it

May 22, 2020

Willie, It is crazy these days to go to the store without wearing a mask, but where are we supposed to get them? I have none. Willie says: Lots of folks are making masks at home. Ask your friends if they can help you. Call your doctor. They give them to any patient who needs […]

I guess you only like those who agree with you

May 21, 2020

Willie, One of your readers talked about contributing their stimulus check to charity. That’s an excellent idea, and I commend them. I wonder if any of our universities that have millions in their endowment funds are considering contributing any of the millions they’re set to receive from the package. I’m sure most of them would […]