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Tell Willie, 1-8
January 7, 2010 – 11:00 pm | No Comment

Why is it that Seneca Light & Water charges us a trucking fee when all they are doing is having us pay their debts and charging us a disconnect fee when we are not disconnected? I have just paid my bill and they charged me the disconnect fee when I wasn’t disconnected, then refused to go ahead and disconnect my service before I paid the fee, so that way I had a reason to pay the fee. Willie, please help me on this.

Tell Willie, 1-7
January 6, 2010 – 11:00 pm | No Comment

Happy New Year, Willie.

Tell Willie, 1-6
January 5, 2010 – 11:00 pm | No Comment

I have a co-worker who always blames other kids for what her child does. At first I thought yeah, I would not let them hang out with my teen child either, bad influence. But it is getting to the point of where I have noticed that it has become every friend’s fault for what the child does. I can’t believe it is all these other kids’ fault and not ever her own child’s fault. All I hear is my child is a good child, it is _____ (fill in the blank with whatever friend they have at the time). After a while, would any parent not see their little darling may be at fault as well? Would it be rude to tell her my thoughts? At least she may stop talking about all the other bad kids! I feel if a person is not forced to participate in an activity, then they should hold part of the responsibility. Kids will be kids, and all we have to except that ours may be in the wrong from time to time. I know I have one, and I know he is not perfect.

Tell Willie, 1-5
January 4, 2010 – 11:00 pm | No Comment

It’s a brand new year, but ole’ Willie is still the same!

Willie, January 1
January 4, 2010 – 7:28 am | No Comment

We as a family would like to thank the community for the generosity and kindness. The people of this community have overwhelmed all of us with friendship, kindness, love and consideration; we only hope one day we can do the same. Thank all of you so much and God bless. A special thank you to all the unseen angels and anonymous people. God bless you all.

Willie, December 31
January 4, 2010 – 7:24 am | No Comment

One of my personal New Year’s resolutions is to start acknowledging and appreciating things in my life more including good service and care. Please help me acknowledge the staff at Dr. Lee’s office, especially Brandy, Karen and Kathy for all the tender care they show me. Thank you.