Oconee County doesn’t have a hospital anymore

May 14, 2020

Willie, Why did FEMA not come to Seneca? I thought they were supposed to respond to natural disasters. Willie says: After the necessary applications for being declared a disaster zone, etc., President Donald Trump has approved a major disaster declaration for several South Carolina counties that were hit by tornadoes Easter weekend. This applies to […]

Anyone of any age can contract COVID-19

May 13, 2020

Willie, To show you I mean what I say when I say I vote the person not the party, I voted for Sheriff Mike Crenshaw last time and will again. I’m a different party, but I vote for the one I believe is most capable to do the job. Others should, yet won’t, do just […]

Thank you for sharing your sympathy for tornado victims

May 12, 2020

Willie, Good morning, sir. I’m knee deep in my saved recyclables. Is the county planning to restart the recycling program in the near future? Willie says: That’s hard to answer right now, what with the county dealing with COVID-19 and tornadoes, but I would expect them to move in that direction when it’s safe to […]

Don’t worry about Fido giving you COVID-19

May 8, 2020

Willie, Thanks for enlightening me on the elements of the rat in the Chinese Zodiac. You must also remember rats carried fleas, which caused the bubonic plague. Achoo, achoo, all fall down. I say pull the plug on that rat immediately. Willie says: Your rodent-themed comment brings up a really serious current question many folks […]

May 7, 2020

Willie, Dollar General in downtown Walhalla? Multiple sources have given 101.7/WGOG News information to indicate that Dollar General is interested in placing a store in downtown Walhalla. Willie says: According to my sources, which are more reliable, this was nothing more than the radio station sniffing out a rumor started in Walhalla by a couple […]

I won’t be asking him for medical advice anytime soon

May 6, 2020

Willie, In his April 23 COVID-19 briefing, President Donald Trump theorized about the possible medical benefits of sunlight and disinfectants in the fight against the virus. I am adding one teaspoon of Clorox to my morning coffee. I will let you know how that works out. Willie says: I watched that briefing as well, seems […]

What social distancing?

May 5, 2020

Willie, Just thought of something. Social distancing. What do they do in the penitentiary to practice social distancing? Willie says: “Like cruise ships or naval vessels, it’s impossible to ‘distance’ oneself in jails,” says a top federal public defender. “Once in, the virus will spread rapidly.” That about sums it up. The number of inmates […]