Outdoors: Crappie angler’s guide to night fishing

On any given lake, on any given night, particularly during the summer, there are a limited number of spots where a fisherman can go, tie up a boat and have a reasonable chance at catching a cooler full of crappie.

Outdoors: Try cut-bait fishing for summer striped bass

Striped bass patterns during the summer on lakes around the Upstate and Midlands of South Carolina, as well as northeastern Georgia, typically see the fish moving back out of the feeder creeks where they migrated during the spring in response to spawning urges.

Outdoors: Go-devil fishing with Ronnie Capps

Believe it or not, around the beginning of summer every year, the thousands of anglers who follow pro crappie angler Ronnie Capps on social media forget he’s a world-class crappie fisherman.

Outdoors: Catfish are not always a bottom fish

Many anglers mistakenly believe that in order to catch a catfish, they must fish on the bottom of whatever lake, pond or river they are fishing. The truth is that catfish regularly swim off the bottom for a variety of reasons.