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Category: Outdoors

Outdoors: How hunters can help those in need

One of the most popular perks of being a deer hunter is that it provides food for the table. Venison is widely touted by even the most die-hard lean meat advocates as a valuable source of protein. With deer season closing a couple weeks ago, the annual supply of venison in the households of hunters and those lucky enough to know a successful deer hunter typically soars.

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Outdoors: New turkey harvest system on tap

Over the last 10 years, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has been reporting a decrease in the numbers of both whitetail deer and wild turkey in the state. Both deer and turkey are highly popular game animals, the hunting of which carries a substantial economic impact in the millions of dollars to the state.

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Winter catfishing can be red hot

This time of year, as the water and weather get colder, the bite for trophy blue catfish can get hotter. Landing a 30-pound catfish is not for the weak of heart, and it takes some preparation to land such a fish.

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Outdoors: Last-chance bucks

The late season of deer hunting is upon us in the Upstate. At this time of year, many hunters either turn their efforts toward managing does or simply give up on hunting altogether in favor of ducks or small game, while they may also start winter fishing.

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Outdoors: Hunting Hogs With Dogs

One of the lesser-known methods of wild hog hunting is with the use of hunting dogs. Feral hogs are destructive and sometimes ferocious animals. Unlike bird hunting where the dogs point the quarry, in hog hunting, the dogs do the lion’s share of the work while the hunter has to be quick to catch up.

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Outdoors: For the love of spotted bass

In days gone by, Upstate bass anglers used to have three choices when it came to bass fishing — largemouth bass, striped bass and hybrid bass. Although they have the same last name, most bass anglers historically targeted largemouth bass, particularly in fishing tournaments, and would engage a striper or hybrid when fun fishing.

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