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Upstate Lake Living has been serving Lake Keowee communities, and select homeowners on Lakes Jocassee and Hartwell, for over 12 years. This gorgeous 100-page magazine caters to the active, affluent families who enjoy life lakeside – and introduces them to places to go and things to do. The magazine is delivered via mail four times a year to these households, at times of peak interest. Our editor and team of contributors are dedicated to creating interesting and timely content that our readers love. If you would like additional information please contact us at

The Upstate is a beautiful, colorful and fun place to live. For the past fourteen years Upstate Lake Living has been providing its readers with a high-quality publication aimed at introducing fun places to go and things to do in this beautiful part of the world. Interesting features, useful information and an occasional chuckle are the mainstays of Upstate Lake Living. There are countless stories to be told about the people and events that shape the Upstate, and this magazine is dedicated to telling those stories.