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By Riley Morningstar

The Journal (Oct. 22, 2022)

CLEMSON — A social media account registered to Republican Pickens County Council nominee Brad White used racist and homophobic slurs and criticized Clemson businesses on numerous occasions over the past 22 months, including calling employees of a new downtown hotel that hires workers with intellectual disabilities “lazy,” a review from The Journal showed.

The email and phone number registered to Twitter user @Patriot76472267’s account matched White’s office cellphone and business email at at the end of August and in the days leading up to this publication. The account was deleted about an hour after The Journal’s in-person interview with White on Friday, but the newspaper had already archived the more than 250 posts made since it was created in January 2021, just days after the last post from another account bearing White’s name.

Caleb Gilbert | The Journal
Pickens County Council Republican candidate Brad White admitted Friday that a social media account that used racial and homophobic slurs was his, but said “a couple others” had access to the account and he never posted the comments.

White, who is 37 years old, admitted to The Journal the account was his and said at first that he shared it with “a couple others.” Later in the interview, he said he shared it with a Charleston resident. The account was set up as an anonymous one, which he said acted as a “burner.” He declined to share names after being asked.

In an April 2021 tweet, White’s account replied to a post from Pickens County conservative activist Johnnelle Raines, saying, “I might have to challenge (S.C. Rep. Jerry Carter) instead of running for county council.”

The account also posted a response to a tweet from Conservatives of the Upstate asking if candidates would sign pledges to vote against tax increases and protect citizens’ property rights, saying “I know one candidate that will !”

About 30 minutes after leaving the interview, White called The Journal to say he was no longer friends with the “far-right wing nut job” he claimed had been posting from the account. He didn’t address the “couple others” who he said in the previous interview also had access to the account.

“I didn’t authorize him to make those very subjective and very horrible comments,” White said. “I’m no longer his friend. I didn’t make those. … That’s pretty sickening.”
When asked for the person’s name and phone number, again, White said the person “works for an engineering firm” and “I don’t want him to lose his job.”

The Journal was unable to verify the existence of the person by press time.



A review of the account turned up numerous instances of racist language and offensive stereotyping.

In a March 2021 tweet, White’s account replied to an account talking about music asking if the person was “gonna go make some more coon tunes now, wait on that welfare check?”

“I’ve been to your chicken frys, watermelon get togethers so I know what y’all call us,” one tweet said.

A July 2021 tweet called Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot a “dumb ignorant coon.”

“Ain’t nobody paying homage to that treasonous coon,” a tweet about former President Barack Obama said in August 2021.

“He’s your typical blacky, always wanting to stir that racist pot,” another read. “Now rid the suburbs of thugs & coons.”

In one post, White’s account claimed to be a black man who voted for President Joe Biden.

“More black trash thugs looting again because a black man resisted arrest and got shot. Don’t resist,” the tweet said. “I am a black man and voted for Biden.”

Another tweet complained of Ben & Jerry’s asking corporate America to join a push for reparations.

“Slavery ended over 130 years ago,” a tweet said. “This is typical of the Democratic Party. Always reverting to the racism platform. Without that they would have no power, sunken ship.”



In other tweets, White’s account appeared to troll some Clemson-area businesses and Clemson University coaches, athletes and fans.

Within two weeks of the new business opening its doors in September, a tweet from White’s account directed at the new Shepherd Hotel downtown blasted its staff as “lazy.” In collaboration with the ClemsonLIFE program, the hotel employs people with intellectual disabilities. The Shepherd Hotel was backed by Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney, while co-owner Rick Hayduk has a child with Down syndrome.

The account also tweeted about a Clemson-based radio station, tagging two of its hosts in a post saying the station “has gotten pathetic.”

One tweet took aim at a former Clemson basketball player and complained the city “has become so libtarded.”

The account also tagged a former Daniel High and Clemson football player in a tweet after his release from an NFL team in January, saying “not surprised you got cut,” followed by two laughing face emojis.

In another tweet about Swinney, White’s account posted “the dynasty is collapsing.”

“Dabo might hang it up soon,” another tweet read, saying the Tigers’ “only credible wins” under Swinney’s tenure were a 2012 win over LSU and two victories over Alabama in the College Football Playoff national championship game.



In addition to the proliferation of racist tweets, White’s account posted a variety of politically charged messages on topics including COVID-19 vaccines and abortion.

In one exchange with other users, the account took aim at the COVID-19 vaccine, saying “I ain’t taking s— and don’t force that on me.”

“Get your fauci ouchi f-g boy shot, wear your damn mask and move on,” the post said.

A June 2021 post mocked George Floyd as “cracked out.” The account also told U.S. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to “exit humanity now!” in a response to her saying “forced pregnancy is a crime against humanity.”

The account also mocked President Joe Biden and his family, referring to the president as “Bidephile in chief” in a February 2021 tweet.

White’s account also called U.S. House Rep. Ilhan Omar “an idiot.”

“Artificial intelligence will continue to soar thanks to your libtarded leadership,” the account posted. | (864) 973-6685