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Just for voicing your opinion!

Submit your completed survey and be entered to win one of two $100 Visa gift cards! Surveys must be submitted by August 7 to be eligible to win. Winners will be drawn and announced August 9.

This survey was developed as a means of providing the county with some understanding of the things you like about Oconee County, as well as the issues that concern you. The survey is also your chance to dream a little, to give us your vision of the county’s future and how you think we might arrive at that destination.

Questions marked with an * are required. Personal information for contest will not be kept or sold. Must be age 18 or over to be eligible to win prize. Employees of Oconee County or The Journal and their families are ineligible. Limit of one prize per household. Please note that survey prizes are not being funded by Oconee County but have been generously donated by The Journal.

1. Are you now, or have you been, a farmer or rancher?
2. Do you know any farmers who farm in Oconee County?
3. How important is having your food grown or raised in the United States of America? Scale of 1-10: Not important-Very important
4. When is the last time that you knew where the food on your plate came from? (The supermarket doesn't count.)
5. Oconee County is losing farms and farmers. Would you support legislation that promotes, protects and preserves our agricultural past, present and future?
6. Do you know where to buy locally grown or produced farm products in Oconee County?
7. Farmland, generally, is flat and cleared, and great for farming. Flat, cleared land is also great for building homes. How do we preserve our irreplaceable farmers and farmlands while still providing enough housing for our growing population? (Select all that apply) *
8. Do you grow any of your own food?
10. What is your gender?
11. What is your age range?